Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why do I always want Aveeno?

I don't know what it is, but I have always been drawn to Aveeno products. It started back in late middle/early high school, with a face wash. It had pretty leaves on it and promised to even out my complexion. It didn't (although to be fair, nothing could help my skin in that era). After that, I will admit, there was a break from my Aveeno cravings.

Then recently, they released the new Nourish+Moisturize, Revitalize, etc line of shampoo and conditioner. I filled in the form and got my free sample. I was, for no reason, so excited about this new product that I waited to use it until I was going out some weekend and wanted to look great. Bad call. Neither the shampoo or conditioner did anything for my hair. Oh well. They sounded good anyway...

Next product. This year, I've been good and finally started using a daily moisturizer with SPF in it. When I made this decision, I remembered that Aveeno had just such a product-their Daily Moisturizing Lotion with Sunscreen (SPF 15). I decided that I would try it--I mean, Aveeno is known for its lotion, so at least that has to be good? Right? Wrong! This stuff is awful. I had in my mind a lotion that was like normal lotion, only with sunscreen in it. This stuff is pure sunscreen-and the sticky stuff, not a nice sunscreen. It even smells like sunscreen (poor boyfriend who usually likes my the way my lotions smell-he got a noseful). It's pretty thick and gross and you usually can't rub it all in, though the white film absorbs reasonably quickly. It also doesn't feel moisturizing at all, and instead makes me feel dried out. Since this was my first exposure, I assumed all sunscreen lotions were similar. That is, until I went to buy an aloe after-sun lotion and found the Vaseline Aloe Fresh protecting lotion, also SPF 15. This stuff is less than half the price of Aveeno ($4-5 versus 10+) and actually feels and smells like a lotion. I'm now trying to convince myself to use up the Aveeno one I bought when I really just want to use the Vaseline one!

At this point, I was so discouraged! Aveeno had let me down. All the pretty packaging and claims of being natural and wonderful had led nowhere. And why do so many people love it? One day, I found a tiny trial size of the just plain, normal lotion that people rave about. STILL not impressed. It just feels weird on and doesn't seem to moisturize well. It has one redeeming factor-it absorbs quickly and so is a decent hand moisturizer. No greasy marks on your keyboard or trouble opening doors/packages after using it. It also doesn't feel like it all washes off if you wash your hands. But that's it.

For a whole line of products, one redeeming factor! I'm done. This is probably a good lesson-no package in the world can make a good product. I'm sticking with boring bottles for a while!