Sunday, July 15, 2012

Four trips behind...

I am now FOUR trips behind on my blogging. There goes my plan of never leaving for a new trip before I've blogged the last one. Way, way, out the window goes that plan. It's been a ridiculous five weeks. I have been to Norway with my parents, Dublin for a conference, Copenhagen for a course, and Barcelona to see my sister in a competition. I have realized that as much as I love traveling, there's no way I'll ever be able to handle a job with that much travel involved. I need my own bed (or even my own room would be nice--I was in hostels/shared rooms for most of these trips). Plus now I'm back and have to turn in my final master's thesis soon. So I'm pretty much in panic mode. The travels were great though, so I'll share a bit now and fill in the rest as soon as I get a chance!

Norway was unbelievable. You'll get a post on that one later with pictures that will make you want to kill me. 

I've already blogged Ireland from when I took a trip there last year, and I didn't get to do any tourism this time anyway. I was there for a conference (Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution) and I had no time to do anything besides learn things and network (read: drink Guinness with other scientists. Awesome). But it was my first conference, and I enjoyed it a lot. Exhausting though, whoa. I got to go because I got a travel grant, and then I won best undergraduate (in many European countries that means anything below a PhD) poster! Pretty proud of myself, not gonna lie.

Copenhagen was also a new place for me, and a city I liked a lot, so it will get a full post later.

Barcelona I've been to before, but I headed back to see my sister compete in the Under-20 World Championships for shot put. Cool, right? She's a total badass. She got 7th with her second-best throw ever, jetlagged and all. I'm so impressed. She's amazing.

Ok, good, now I'm only two trips behind on my blogging. That sounds better in my head. And now I'm off to write this thesis so I can be doooooooooone with my master's!